Three Exercise Bike Workouts for Home

Skip the leisurely spin and get your cardio on with these three indoor cycling workouts for your stationary bike.

Get ready to ride with indoor cycling – your soon-to-be favorite home cardio workout. We brought together three different workouts to lend some variety to your at-home spinning training.  Use these tips to keep your fitness progress geared up wherever you train.


Before your workout, it can be helpful to do a little spin class homework on the fundamentals of indoor cycling. Being comfortable with your setup can help you get into the flow of your workout. After all, these spin routines can be intense, so it can help to ensure everything is in order before training.

Before you begin to pedal, get acquainted with your exercise bike. Make sure to adjust your seat to the proper height. You should also ensure your resistance is set for the start of your workout. You can burn out quickly if you have your bike set at a high difficulty from the start. Rather, find a “flat road” by adjusting the resistance to a level where you’re pedaling at ease. Use these additional Pro Tips for further instruction on how to set up your exercise bike.

To make the most of your spinning workouts, keep proper form when pedaling. Maintain a firm core while keeping your shoulders relaxed. Remember to take deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth.

It can also help to keep a few fitness accessories like a water bottle and sports towel handy. Having these items within reach can help you hydrate and wick away sweat without getting out of the saddle.

For more stationary bike basics, check out the Pro Tips intro to indoor cycling.


Bring the elevated terrain indoors with this at-home cycling routine. In the world of spinning, you can train “hills” by increasing the resistance, making it more difficult to pedal. This cycling routine has a total of five climbs to help build endurance and strength.


Before setting your training for higher altitude, be sure to warm up. Set your resistance for an easy pace and pedal at your flat road gear for three to five minutes. Take this warmup to get your body ready for the ascents ahead.


This spinning workout consists of five four-minute climbs. After each four-minute hill, you will also have a two-minute flat to recover and prepare for the next ascent.

According to Haffner, you should maneuver each four-minute hill by alternating pushes every 30 seconds. For example, you should begin with 30 seconds at a comfortable, moderate climb followed by a 30-second push.

Haffner also notes you can alternate between a seated or standing climb. For your two-minute recovery flats, pedal from a seated position to help regain energy.

As you progress through this spin bike workout, each four-minute hill should increase in difficulty. Make the hills heavier by adding one to two gears each set. By the fifth hill, you should be pedaling at your peak resistance. It should start to feel almost as if you’re in a thick mud trying to keep your feet from sticking.

BONUS PRO TIP: Don’t just push your feet down when pedaling. If you have straps to secure your feet or are wearing clip-in shoes, pull your leg up as well. This can help with your climb, especially when the resistance gets to the highest point.


After you’ve completed your hill intervals, Haffner says to bring your exercise bike back down to a light gear. Spin for three to five minutes on a flat road level. Once your cooldown is complete, so is your workout.


Looking to really feel the heat with your next at-home training session? This “burn” style spinning workout can help push you toward your goals with intense, calorie-scorching intervals. For this session, you will alternate between 10 sets of two-minute comfortable flats and two-minute resistance climbs.


Before you get into your calorie-burning training, Haffner says to begin your workout with a three- to five-minute warmup. Pedal at a light, flat road gear to get your body prepped for the task ahead.


To start your burn spinning training, begin with two minutes of seated pedaling at a flat, comfortable pace. Next, according to Haffner, add one to two gears of resistance and climb for two minutes, again seated. Rotate between these two-minute sessions for 10 intervals for a total of 40 minutes.

Remember to keep your feet pedaling for the entire 40 minutes. This endurance-driven training can seem intimidating, but it’s important to stay motivated as you work through the workout.


Once your 40-minute firestorm is complete, Haffner says to cool down with three to five minutes of flat road pedaling. Take this cooldown to catch your breath and give yourself some recognition. You’ve just trained through the flames and come out stronger.


Short on time but still want to get a good workout in? This fast-paced routine can help you train with intensity in a shortened timeframe. This workout will call for you to alternate between pushing and pedaling comfortably for an all-around effective training session.


For this 15-minute indoor cycling workout, warm up at a flat road gear for three to five minutes. Haffner notes to increase your spin bike resistance with each minute. Work the resistance up to the gear you want for the main workout.


Once you complete your warmup, go straight into your first 30-second all-out seated sprint. According to Haffner, you should follow this 30-second sprint with a 30-second ride at a comfortable speed. Continue alternating 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off for 10 minutes. If you feel the need, go ahead and increase your spin bike’s resistance based off your personal fitness levels.

Fight the urge to slow your sprint as time goes on. Maintain the same intense pace from beginning to end. Use the easy 30-second ride to quickly recover, take a drink or dry off with your towel. Remember to keep your legs moving through the entire workout.


After your 10 minutes have elapsed, be sure to take the proper cooldown steps. Remove any resistance you might have added and spin at a light gear on a flat road for two minutes.

BONUS PRO TIP: Pedal to your own beat through all three indoor cycling workouts with a personal playlist of motivating songs. Create your own soundtrack to keep you inspired as you pedal toward your fitness goals.

These three spinning workouts can help you keep your workout wheels turning when training at home. Use these Pro Tips and shift your at-home workouts into a new gear.

After training at such a high intensity, it’s important to take the time to stretch after your indoor cycling workouts. Foam rolling can be a great post-training activity to help you recover efficiently and effectively. Discover how to properly use a foam roller with these fitness Pro Tips.